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Hi. Welcome to Tutorator. Tutorator offers homework solutions, test preparation, access to a test bank of questions, and 1-on-1 tutoring so that you can be prepared for any test and master any subject. We also offer college admissions advice and essay writing and coaching.

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Standardized Tests:


Math Classes:

Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Probability, Real Analysis, Topology

Science Classes:

Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, engineering courses, Computer Science, web programming

Why Is Online Tutoring Better?

When you want to study, it's really distracting to meet a tutor at a coffee shop with all the espresso machines whirring, or to be told to be quiet because you're talking in a library. Getting tutored from the comfort of your own home, whenever you need help, free from the distractions of a public place is the most effective method.

Plus, it gets annoying having to pass the paper back and forth between two people. With an online interactive whiteboard, the tutor can write virtually simultaneously.

"How will you watch me do work?"

With our online interactive whiteboard, we can watch you as you do your work to check for any math mistakes you may be making and correct you as you go. A college or high school teacher cannot possibly watch all 30-100 students as they do their homework, but with enough tutors, we can. For any math class or standardized exam, something as simple as a missing parenthesis or a negative sign error can carry over into the rest of the problem and ruin grades and test scores. If an error like this isn't caught early and caught often, it can have a serious impact on the rest of a student's academic career.

What technology do you need?

You just need a phone or Skype, internet access, and a computer for a live trial demo. Don't pay until the end of the 1-on-1 tutoring session, and only pay if you are satisfied.

If you decide you want us to watch you as you work out equations, you can borrow one of our iPads or tablets by emailing tutorator@tutorator.com. Then you can get tutoring anytime from the comfort of your own home, free of the distractions of a coffee shop and without being told to be quiet at a library.

What are some other advantages of having an ipad or tablet in an academic setting?

It really helps in school to have a tablet with a separate keyboard because then you can type out what the teacher is saying (as nobody can write that fast) but also be able to link that up with the equations and drawings the teacher is throwing up on the chalk board by drawing it on the tablet with a stylus. It helps to have a way to go back and forth between typing and writing down what's on the board in the same place, and only a tablet with a separate keyboard can do this. Borrow one of our iPads or tablets by emailing tutorator@tutorator.com to try it out this semester and see your grades sky rock. Plus, you can type out your questions about what the teacher is saying as soon as they pop into your head, and then go back to typing what the teacher is saying about an equation or diagram, all in one place.

Homework Solutions

It's tough to work through an entire problem yourself without a step-by-step guide on the correctness of any of the work, or even the answer itself. Get the confidence that you need to know that you are doing it right. Having solutions to your problems is about having a second or third opinion on whether you are doing it right, or whether THEY are even right.

Send me any problems you are having as you go at tutorator@tutorator.com, and I'll prepare a step-by-step write-up of the pertinent questions to ask yourself in order to solve the problem, as well as the solutions for each hint. Try to work through each hint yourself BEFORE you look at my answer.